<html><img src=http://wellrested.co.uk/story2.gif></html>\n\nYou drink your favourite camomile tea and drift off to sleep.\n\nHappy days or should I say happy nights.
<html><img src=http://wellrested.co.uk/story3.gif></html>\n\nYou take your coffee up to bed and find the cat sleeping on your pillow. She looks so peaceful there. What's it to be, [[kick her out]] or [[let her continue sleeping]]?
<html><img src=http://wellrested.co.uk/story4.gif></html>\n\nYou can't bring yourself to wake the cat so you get into bed without moving her, and finish drinking your coffee. You are wondering how the film ended.\n\nDo you [[use your smartphone to find out what happened]] or [[use the relaxation app on your smartphone]]?
<html><img src=http://wellrested.co.uk/story5.gif></html>\n\nYou search the web to find out how the film ended and it doesn't take long to find the information you need. Then you continue to browse the web long into the night, fuelled by caffeine and accompanied by a cat who sits on your head and claws your face from time to time.\n\nYou are completely wired and have no chance of getting any sleep.
<html><img src=http://wellrested.co.uk/story1.gif></html>\n\nAs the end credits roll you are awakened. This is mainly due to the fact that the soundtrack is now louder than at any point during the film. Oh well. You can always find out what happened at the end later. Maybe tomorrow. Now it's time to get some sleep. You need a drink.\n\nWhat's it going to be, [[coffee]] or [[camomile tea]]?
<html><img src=http://wellrested.co.uk/story2.gif></html>\n\nThis relaxation app is really good. It knocks you out everytime like magic. 7 hours sleep guaranteed. No coffee or cat is going to shift you till morning.\n\nHappy days or should I say happy nights.\n\n
by Jamie Doughty\n\n<html><a href="http://www.jamiedoughty.com"><img src=http://wellrested.co.uk/jamied.jpg></html>
Well Rested
<html><img src=http://wellrested.co.uk/story2.gif></html>\n\nYour cat tries to grip but duvet with her claws as you pull her off the bed but you persist and put her in the hallway closing the door behind you. Then you drink the decaffinated coffee and gradually drift off to sleep.\n\nHappy days or should I say happy nights.